WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2014—The Bisignis Institute published a new country profile for Turkey, ranked number seven on the Bisignis Institute Emerging Market Energy Security Growth Prosperity Index®, today on its website. 

Turkey is a free-market country that has strong industry, agriculture and service sectors. According to the World Bank, Turkey has the 18th largest economy in the world.

The Bisignis Institute profiles countries as well as companies, people and institutions from around the globe.

The index is intended to give policymakers and researchers a guide when studying emerging countries that the Bisignis Institute believes have very good near- and long-term growth potential due to strong current GDP growth and large oil reserves.

The Emerging Market Energy Security Growth Prosperity Index® can be found at bisignis.org/indexes.

How countries are ranked

Each country is ranked using a calculation of government corruption, GDP growth and oil reserves. Corruption data was extracted from Transparency International, a reputable international group that ranks government corruption. The index features 24 countries from South America, Europe and Asia.

About the Bisignis Institute

The Bisignis Institute is a think tank that profiles companies, people and institutions; examines emerging markets, U.S. business, and geopolitical-market interactions; and creates indexes to help guide political and economic policymakers and researchers.

For more information, visit the Bisignis Institute website or send an email to press@bisignis.org.

AuthorKurt Lefever